memory leaks in 1.5.2 Python interpreter

Tim Peters at
Thu Jan 24 22:32:49 EST 2002

[Michael McCarthy]
> We have observed memory leaks in the 1.5.2 Python interpreter under
> Purify.
> If we check for new leaks immediately before and immediately after
> invoking PyEval_CallObject, we often see a leak originating in
> PyTuple_New as invoked by eval_code2.

Doesn't ring a bell, but possible -- it's hard to remember 1.5.2 details.

> Can anyone tell me whether or not later versions of Python have
> addressed any memory management problems?

Yes, many.

> We would like to know if moving to a newer version will clear up any
> memory leaks.

Yes, although there's no absolute guarantee it won't suffer new ones.  But
1.5.2 development ended a few years ago, and several people run Purify and
Insure++ against the current Python codebase.  I suggest moving to 2.1.2 if
stability is your most important concern.

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