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On 27-Jan-02 00:40:27 Christopher Browne <cbbrowne at> wrote:

>It is at least faintly conceivable that there may be something of
>merit in the 'VIC' thesis.  The fact that the author thinks himself to
>have a genius idea does _not_ establish that he's like Columbus,
>Galileo, and other laughed-at geniuses.

>There are a LOT more "flaky idiots" out there that _deserve_ to be
>laughed at than there are made-fun-of-geniuses.

The real question is why would you try to distort what I have communicated
as an identification of natural laws of the physical phenomenon of how we
use abstractions, as instead being just an Idea?

You can attack me all you want but that's not going to change what is
reality. In fact even in your attacks you cannot avoid using these nine
actions. And reality doesn't care what merit you give it, for it is
reality that is master over you so long as you are trying to oppose it,
otherwise it can be your friend and allow you to do a great deal more.

regarding the message you were responding to, when you wrote the above,
regardless of what applescript is, what is more important is where it is,
or where it is not.

GNU is of such openness that converting the GNU software base to having
user oriented, user friendly "side door" ports is possible to do in a
relatively short period of time. So much so, that it would be possible to
literally do it over nite, especially should such skelton code be produced
and made abailable to allow the applications and system programmers to
easily add it to their works.

As to your talk about the effects of insults.

Who is really insulting who here?

If you don't like the attitude of the messanger, then perhaps you should
stop telling him he is stupid by your refusal or resistance to allowing
him to do with computers, in accord with reality.

You want to say I may be a genius in order to put me on a pedistal you
will then proceed to kick out from under me.

NO THANKS!!!! The Message stands by the power of reality, not by de feet
of duh messanger.

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