Defending the Python lanuage...

Hernan M. Foffani hfoffani at
Wed Jan 30 13:38:00 CET 2002

> ... [a series of management questions] ...
> ...
> that the Tkinter library won't be supported any more.. I can assure
> you that this would be a very expensive decission for us, our whole
> GUI library is based on that now. And isn't this a risk with many
> source projects ?

Future is a risk on every project. It doesn't matter if its tools and
underlaying technology are open source or not.
I'm not going into the n-millionth debate about open source, just to
remind you the PEP process in the specific case of Python. There are
disclosed plans for the evolution for the next couple of years in
some part of the language! Have you seen something similar on the
suppliers you've got right now?

I fully agree that when a manager evaluates techs alternatives the
decision may be affected by non-tech factors. I don't think many
readers here would deny such claim and is a great forum to
look for answers on TECH's issues of Python.


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