Python game programming?

Jordan hookflash at
Sun Jan 6 22:21:19 CET 2002

I'm interested in doing game development with Python, but I'm beginning to 
wonder about the feasability.  Someone recently posted a real-world example 
of Python being 700x slower than C, which would obviously be bad for games.  
I realize that real-time 3d is probably out of the question, but what about 
a 2d isometric engine like Baldur's Gate or Diablo?  Would it be possible 
to make something like that using PyGame?  If not, which lang should I use 
(I have some experience with C/C++, but I'd have to "refresh" my memory)?  
Would Delphi be a better choice than C/C++ for this sort of thing?  Thanks 
in advance for your time and help.


P.S.  I don't want to start a language war.  I'm just looking for personal 

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