Python Extension Designer / Builder.

Arthur Siegel ajs at
Sun Jan 27 14:59:14 CET 2002

>    Gustavo> You hit the nail on the head; I didn't actually
>    Gustavo>  know *why* SWIG
>    Gustavo> seemed to me backwards, but it gave me an ugly gut feeling
>    Gustavo> everytime I sat down to use it.  But, having the 
>    Gustavo> code generator
>     Gustavo> in python, it's much easier to work with, and control.

Any effort that would make extension building more accessible to 
those who consider Python their primary language would, IMO, be
a Very Good Thing. 

The current order of extension building:

1) Become proficient in C and/or C++.
2) Grasp the Python extension API
2) Grasp Swig, or Cxx, or Boost.
3) Now go.

is an awful long haul for some of us trying to do no more that 
wrap a few performance sensitive functions for a project being 
done otherwise happily in Python.

The SciPy "weave" project seems to be designed with "us" in
mind, and it is  reassuring that the folks behind it also seem to be
active in the C++ SIG which is apparently concentrating on 
elaborating on Boost.


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