IDE for developing cross-platform GUI Windows/Linux/Mac apps

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Jan 24 09:13:28 EST 2002

"sameer" <sameer_ at> wrote in message
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> crashes.  It's not really an IDE, but may I suggest vim.  It provides
> syntax highlighting for Python, and it's a good, no nonsense editor.

I love VIM and use it almost exclusively but I'd never characterize
it as "good, no nonsense editor" -- it's very powerful and, for some
people, goes so much against the grain that it would pain them to
use it (Emacs is more powerful yet, but it goes against _other_
people's grain, e.g., mine:-).

SciTE IS a "good, no nonsense editor" with syntax support for Python
and other languages.  See ...


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