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Memoid memoid at meme.org
Mon Jan 14 18:23:34 CET 2002

ZPugDC Meeting on 16 Jan 2001
I just wanted to remind you all that in about the next ZPugDC meeting this
coming Wednesday in Reston, VA.

The next Zope Python User Group meeting in Washington, DC, is on Wednesday,
16 January 2002 from 7pm.

There are rumors that there will be libations and snacks and its not to be

The fabulous Joya Subudhi has organised it so its bound to be something to

Foretec is organising Python 10 this and every year! Its really the only US
Python conference and we really want to support them for this. For this
reason -- and many others -- we are honoring Python in the month of January
and the next ZPug is in honour of Python 10!
Ring in the new year with a big dose of ZODB with Andrew Kuchling as he
crows about his amazing use of the Zope Object DataBase as he and his
company, MEMS Exchange, uses it in their Python development.

Also, to brag, ZPug got a mention on the OnLamp so check that out.

Finally, yes the Mailing list is temporarily down, we have moved to iMeme
and they rock -- throw money at them, they are the coolest and have
generously offered to host Zpug for free for 9,999 months at least.

Cheers and Thanks for Everything to Everyone and Happy Holidays and Winter
Solstice and whatnot if I don't say it before then: Happy New Years!

Chris Abraham

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