[Mac OSX] Import curses error, [MacPython] simple question

Kenny kccw at well.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jan 28 06:42:12 EST 2002

Hello All,
	Just taken the leap into learning python and  I've run into a
problem regarding curses. I "installed" the pre-compiled version off Apple
	When I typed "import curses" at the intepreter line, it gave me an
import error regarding the fact that it could not find _curses. Looking
through the curses directory, I can't find its _curses either. However, I
have access to Debian Linux at Uni and perusal of their Python 2.2
installation reveals a similar story.
	So the question is, do I have to compile Python 2.2 for MacOSX
from source (are there any things I should watch out for if I need to do
this) or is there way of installing _curses without having to
compile Python 2.2?

	My second regards MAcPython for the MacOS9, is there any way of
implementing curses on this setup?

Thanks in advance,


                     tout casse, tout passe, tout lasse.

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