Have a look at Albatross (was Re: Server side scripting with PSP)

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Wed Jan 2 02:13:34 EST 2002

Edward Diener wrote:
> I will look at it but I am willing to go the full route and have a
> higher level solution. I read about PSP some time ago but i could not
> find any good mention of it except with Webware. I am looking for a
> server side scripting solution that uses Python to generate dynamic web
> pages, based of course on user input. of course connection to a server
> database is a must but other than that I am fairly open to good solutions.


Have a look at Albatross by Object Craft in Melbourne, Australia - it
sounds like it might be just what you are looking for. It was released
on Christmas Day, and is still undergoing development, but already it
appears (to me at least) to be the most elegant of the many Python Web
app frameworks. And it is well documented. See

Disclaimer: I have been working with the Object Craft guys over the last
8 months or so on a Web-based epidemiological application, which I hope
will be ready for release in a few months. It used Albatross'
predecessor, and now Albatross, to implement its front end with a
remarkably small amount of code. The back-end is python-based as well,
of course. Thus, I might be biased, but Albatross looks like seriously
high quality work to me.

Tim C
Sydney, Australia

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