What does Python fix?

François Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Sat Jan 19 12:50:29 EST 2002

[Mike C. Fletcher]

> Kant was apparently an in-the-box thinker (I didn't get that from what
> little I've read of him, [...])

Even in his life habits, outside any writing, Kant was extremely
conservative.  His daily routine was so predictable and regular, that
neighbours were adjusting their watch on the fact Kant was walking in
front of their house.  At least, so says the tale.  :-)

> I just want to be sure that we don't set it as a requirement before we
> allow someone to speak.[*]

The same you choose your friends, and would not invite _anybody_ home, some
of us choose their email correspondents, and do not like being disturbed by
shouting or otherwise disrespectful people, and that we even filter messages.

I'm happy with the `python-list', because of the good spirit of people
in here.  But I did unsubscribe for many other mailing lists where the tone
was less friendly.  French People writing to me, and showing no respect
for my language (we sure all make errors, but some seem rather proud of
making no kind of effort), quickly find their way in my kill files :-)
And should we speak about SPAM? :-)

For one, I try avoiding software where there is a void of elementary
politeness, and this, regardless of technical merit.  I did abandon Perl
for this _main_ reason[1], and hope to avoid `qmail'[2] forever. :-)

We are responsible at defining the world we choose to live in!  And people
sharing common values, in my cae, of attention and care, naturally assemble
together into societies.  Those values, and their proper expression, become
some kind of rules in such societies.  This is all very natural, I think.

[1] Larry Wall has always been impeccable with me, and with others as far as
I know.  But his nice character is drown under the bad spirit of his troops.

[2] As well as any software from the same author.  I never had personal
problem with Daniel Bernstein, but saw how he behaves with many others.

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