PythonCard, ease of use, and the GUI problem/opportunity/niche

David Beech dbeech at
Fri Jan 11 14:15:35 CET 2002

On 10 Jan 2002, at 14:53, Cliff Wells wrote:

> On Saturday 29 December 2001 03:24 pm, Ron Stephens wrote:
> > Bingo! Boy, oh, boy, do I agree with you on this. I think you hit the
> nail
> > right on the head.
> >
> > Building a gui now using Python, compared to using VB, really sucks. Yes,
> > it's that bad.
> Then again, programming now using VB, compared to using Python, really
> sucks. Yes, it's that bad.

In Australia VB is known as a beer. Much use of VB leaves you 
legless and useless for any serious work. Australia has several
kinds of python, one, the water python is very fast and agile in
its environment and is powerful enough to kill small crocodiles,
feral cats, foxes and dingoes. And the occasional (small) VB
user. It is sometimes mistaken for a Taipan.


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