Zope Python User Group: ZODB and Python

Richard Biffl usenet at REMOVETHISPHRASEblacklettersoftware.com
Wed Jan 16 08:13:46 CET 2002

"Memoid" <memoid at meme.org> wrote in message
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> ZPugDC Meeting on 16 Jan 2001
> I just wanted to remind you all that in about the next ZPugDC meeting this
> coming Wednesday in Reston, VA.
> The next Zope Python User Group meeting in Washington, DC, is on
> 16 January 2002 from 7pm.


> Finally, yes the Mailing list is temporarily down, we have moved to iMeme
> and they rock -- throw money at them, they are the coolest and have
> generously offered to host Zpug for free for 9,999 months at least.



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