Linux+Python: need help, have comments...

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 28 00:54:39 EST 2002

Ron Stephens wrote:
> I switched to Linux two weeks ago. Works fine, I like it. One problem,
> can anyone help?
> When I run these scripts exactly as typed above, from the Bash shell,
> everything works as planned and that's how I have been updating the
> online HTML page that shows the Pythonic articles on my web site. So
> something must be wrong with my_cron_file or something else in the way I
> have cron set up on my Linux box. 

Uh, Ron?  I don't think you actually described what your problem *is*.
Or did you just mean to say "it doesn't work!" ?

If the latter, checking the cron log file might help.


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