Another Language Change for Debate

Courageous jkraska at
Sun Jan 13 01:08:13 EST 2002

>Personally, I like the "One Obvious Way, or Maybe A Couple,
>But Only If They're Orthogonal" philosophy embodied in Python.

For me, this is the most compelling reason to use Python.

>If there's not a real /need/ to add an additional Way To
>Do something, I can happily live with the existing way. The
>"self" thing is totally obvious, occasionally irritating,
>and just fine the way it is, IMO.

Erm, okay. I think we agree. I liked this new notation and
think it's good. I just don't think Python needs it. Which
isn't to say that our would-be language designer can't come
up with a language of his own. I'm currently doing just that,
simply as a hobby (and as an exercise is performance
optimization and as a way to test certain beliefs I have
about the implementation of Python; don't hold your breath,
quite probably no news later, ha ha).

>and-an-almost-fanatical-devotion-to-the-bdf-ly y'rs,

I-puke-ly y'rs



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