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Mon Jan 28 17:53:17 CET 2002

This is to those who in reading this, will know who they are.

Genuine Computer Science doesn't have any place for the emotional pissing
matches that's gone on in this autocoding thread.

This Project is NOT a pissing Match Project.

It is computer science.

A configuration of computer functionality that provides a tool of Virtual
Interaction as refered to in the field of science called Physics.

But unlike how the Term is used in Physics to describe a physical particle
traveling map of all possibilities, the way it is used here is to
describe the particles called "abstraction" and allow it to move on all
possible paths in the world of abstraction.

Now that's probably hard to grasp for some of you.

But just because you don't understand it, it doesn't mean you have a right
and duty to piss on me.

So knock it the Fu& off.

It's science, not a project to bath in emotions and ego.

But in doing such emotion bathing all that you accomplish is proving me
right about the non-scientific corrupt intent of the industry. And maybe
you should consider where I got that idea from! I call it "experience" in
having to deal with such.

If you want to prove me wrong, then prove me wrong about that, by
genuinely helping on what is a project of logical computer science. Or at
least not trying to hinder the project.

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