Closed-source considered harmful (was: JavaScript considered harmful)

John W. Baxter jwbaxter at
Sat Jan 12 14:32:33 EST 2002

In article <3C3F3B4A.11C69D81 at>, Garry Hodgson
<garry at> wrote:

> yeah, like people with four wheel drive vehicles who think that because
> they can go in the snow, they can stop, too.

Check the vehicle census in the ditches on Washington State Route 104
immediately west of the Hood Canal Bridge during icey conditions.  90%
SUVs...significantly higher than the SUV percentage in the vehicle
census in the traffic flow.

[Or, even more fun, chat with the local sheriff or state patrol patrol
officers about SUVs and winter.]

Our ice problems are worse than in many places, I suspect, since we
have ice much less often than those places.


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