frozen win32com problem

Stefan Schukat SSchukat at
Fri Jan 4 12:50:01 CET 2002

It could also be that the component category manager is not 
registered right on yout NT system. Try this

RegSvr32.Exe <Path To Windows\System(32)>\ComCat.DLL 

on your NT machine and look if it helps. 


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> >Actually, the code is only trying to get a reference to a 
> standard COM 
> >object, not a Python implemented one.  I assume that the 
> test program 
> >works OK when not frozen, or is this only on a single 
> machine "in the 
> >field"?
> >
> >Mark.
> >
> yes this works fine on the win2k build system, but not on my test NT4
> machine. Could it be that I need some extra library/pyd on the target.
> On the build system the frozen python.exe seems to be able to register
> stuff correctly and it looks like it's only using stuff from 
> the frozen
> distribution, but it has python & win32all installed so maybe 
> it can see
> stuff via the registry.
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> Robin Becker
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