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Tue Jan 8 11:17:54 EST 2002

"Joseph A Knapka" <jknapka at> wrote in message
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> C++ code, that personally I can't think of a single reason
> to prefer C++ for any task that isn't compute-bound. (Other
> than pointy-haired-boss issues, naturally.)

Only a very few cases come to my mind, basically connected
to a need to use some existing/legacy code.  It can be faster
to code a small C++ program using some existing C++ or C
library, than to wrap the library for Python consumption
(if it's a one-off need... maybe I just need to get more
proficient with SWIG...).  It definitely takes a little bit
of C++ to consume a custom non-dual, non-automation COM
interface that Python-COM has never heard about (or at least
this was the case when I last looked deep into it, it has
admittedly been a while) -- then it would probably be a
small adapter to expose the custom interface as a normal
Automation one to Python.

Hmmm, if I was teaching a C++ course, too.  I think that
whoever buys that course from me (and I'll gladly take the
substantial money involved:-) need not be pointy-haired to
prefer me to code my examples in C++ than in Python:-).

But basically I'm looking for nits to pick, and in fact I
agree with Joe 99.44%.  In particular, I fully agree about
what language I'd choose if I were to program an IDE!-)

> For reference, I've been working in Python for about two years,
> and C++ for about ten.

Same here, except just a little bit longer for each language.


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