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> > > Hello all!
> > >
> > > I was reading an article on the net and someone said that he writes in
> > > python to save time and converts it into java code...  Does anyone
> > any
> > > resources on how to do this??
> >
> >
> >
> > When you compile Python source into a .class with jythonc, .java sources
> > (not meant to be readable nor at all usable, of course) are left around
> > as a by-product.  You could use those to meet some formal contract
> > requirement about "delivering Java sources" to a customer.
> >
> > For actual use, of course, the .class compiled JVM-bytecode file is
> > all you need, and your maintenance will be on the .py source anyway.
> Well, the project is written in Java by all the other Java coders (all
> source is .java files).
> I just want a faster way to code than putting in {'s...
> oh well, ill stick with java

Have you tried IBM's VisualAge for Java? It gives you a Smalltalk-like
environment and a scrapbook where you can quickly run java code for testing,
running scripts etc. Code can be exported to .java files. The professional
version is pretty cheap.


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