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Fri Jan 11 09:43:18 CET 2002

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>[Ruby compared to Python]
>>                   As I'm glancing through code I (and it's my opinion)
>> must say it's easier to see the '@''s than the 'self's (and there's a
>> bit less typing to do).
>> In Python we do:
>> class SomeClass:
>>    def __init__(self,value):
>> = value
>> In Ruby you do:
>> class SomeClass
>>    def initialize(value)
>>       @data = value
>>    end
>> end
>Although I would probably get used to it eventually, the use of
>"initialize" rather than "__init__" seems to demand more effort (if
>not really any more typing), especially for those of us who don't have
>US English as our first language. ;-)

Well, in Ruby if you want to you can always open up class Class and 
redefine new to call __init__ instead of initialize - now it may not be a 
real good idea to redefine new, but you can if you really want to ;-)


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