Confidence intervals, stats modules?

Tim Churches tchur at
Sat Jun 8 17:51:23 EDT 2002

Duncan Smith wrote:
> "Stephen Boulet" <stephen at> wrote in message
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> > Are there any stats modules to calculate things like confidence intervals,
> > mean, standard deviation? Thanks.
> >
> > -- Stephen

Gary's stats module is excellent and is probably sufficient for the uses
describe. There are also some elementary statistical functions in Konrad
equally excellent Scientific Python package - see

In fact, you could just use NumPy (Numerical Python) - have a look at
the MLab 
module in NumPy (which is at ).

However, if you are interested in more advanced statistical analysis
and/or in 
drawing statistical graphs, then have a look at RPy, by Walter Moreira, 

RPy embeds the R stats environment within Python. R is good for most
statistical, from the elementary to the advanced and experimental, and
it does
truly beautiful graphics. It is a mature project backed by a number of
statisticians in five continents.

Note that R is multi-platform (see ) but RPy
works under Linux and Unix (and Mac Os X, perhaps) at this stage. I
a Windows version is in the works.

Tim C

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