Native code compiler for python?

Gerhard Häring gerhard at
Fri Jun 7 16:09:16 CEST 2002

* nobody <d2002xx at> [2002-06-07 06:50 -0700]:
> Is there any existing native code compiler for python?

<hint>Have you checked</hint>

> Or Python to C translator? Or someone is doing this?

Yes, several, Pyrex among others. But they only compile a subset of

Is this question just motivated by interest or do you have any problem
with just using the Python interpreter?

Do you only want to have a standalone app without requiring an installed
interpreter? freeze, McMillan's Installer and py2exe are solutions for
_this_ problem.

The solution for slow Python code is using a better algorithm, and if
this is not possible, writing the innermost loops in C/C++/Fortran/Ada
(even Ocaml is possible, IIRC). Using Pyrex might become a possible
solution, too.

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