mySQL on Solaris .8

yose dryose at
Tue Jun 4 14:57:34 EDT 2002

Skip Montanaro <skip at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1023135185.13149.python-list at>...
> >> I am trying to install a mySQL database in solaris 2.8. I have a copy
>     >> of the distro for mySQL-python-0.9.1. When I try to run, I
>     >> am told that I am missing distutils.core
>     >> Where do I get this? What package is it part of?
> Joe,
> It's part of the core Python distribution (since 2.0 or 2.1 I think).
> Sounds like either you're running an older version of Python or the one you
> have is misinstalled in some way.  Assuming you have MySQL's client libs and
> a recent enough version of Python correctly installed, Installing
> mysql-python should take less than 30 seconds from the time you execute
>     python install

Interesting. It seems like my distro (2.0; the latest that cleanly
supports sockets, etc.) DOES have distutils. However, python itself
doesnt seem to notice. What system variable do I need to set to point
to the Lib/ directory?


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