distutils and distributing "scripts"

Erlend J. Leiknes nookieNO_SP_AM at online.no
Wed Jun 5 18:00:19 CEST 2002

do not call the files .pyw, just use py

when you then use py2exe, do the following
python setup.py py2exe -w

the -w means --window or --windows (dont remember), anyway, this will use
the pythonw.exe.

"Hugo van der Merwe % str (33) >" <<s1%s61562 at bach.sun.ac.za> wrote in
message news:adl4e4$19ep$1 at news.adamastor.ac.za...
> I have recently started using distutils. I have a .pyw file for the
> users, how do I get this to be a part of my ... sdist, for example?
> I have added this to the scripts list passed to "setup()", this seems to
> the "correct" place for it (I want to eventually play with py2exe).
> It seems "python setup.py sdist" does not add "scripts" by default though,
> just the py_modules. The docs seem to confirm this. How do I get my .pyw
> file distributed, do I really have to go and do all that MANIFEST.in
> just for this one file?
> Thanks,
> Hugo van der Merwe

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