crypt for windows?

Paul Rubin phr-n2002b at
Fri Jun 28 03:35:41 EDT 2002

Klaus Reinhardt <K.Rdt at TU-Berlin.DE> writes:
> Hi
> Well I have some batch-files with my login
> and password and want to encrypt them
> with another password.
> Meanwhile I got fcrypt .. 

Here's a module you can try:

This version still has a date check in it but I I'll try to a real
version with no date check in the next few days (I couldn't mess with
it last month because I was away).  I may make one further change,
removing the nonce from the authentication key, which might speed up
some as yet nonexistent alternate implementaitons.  Comments are
welcome and anyone who hasn't checked this thing for bugs, please do
so now.

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