xml.* getting the hang...

Uwe Mayer merkosh at hadiko.de
Sun Jun 9 12:09:41 CEST 2002


i am working myself into the xml.* packages and am just about to start 
getting an idea of what works together with what in wich order.

basically i want to read in xml packages from a byte stream and from 
these "request" objects i want to create frame-response xml objects, 
just taking the attributes of a request object and copy them into a 
response object, leaving the rest blank.
i figured that xml.sax and xml.parsers.expat is where to look for. 
problem number first:

- in order to build an xml dom object i have to get started on a 
Document(); and this is the problem: i couldn't find anything; with one 
exception, i can create xml documents using xml.dom.minidom.Document(), 
if this is the regular case then i don't quite see how xml.sax.* and 
xml.dom.minidom relate to eachother. it feels strange if i use functions 
from various packages when i'd expect them to be of importance for all 
sub packages. any expenations?

Secondly i found the package xml.dom.pulldom which seems to be just what 
i'm looking for, however the documentation is very poor on these classe. 
what, f.e. is a "documentFactory"?

I don't want to do xml validating, so xml.parsers.expat could be used, 
too. So now i don't know what to use at all:

1. xml.parsers.expat: i don't do validating

2. xml.dom.pulldom: i want to create partial dom trees from sax events

3. xml.sax.xmlreader.IncrementalParser(): i read xml from a byte stream

Any idea or comments on this?

Thanks in advance

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