Caching query resuls

Pawel Lewicki lewy0lewy at
Wed Jun 19 16:11:00 CEST 2002

> * Pawel Lewicki <lewy0lewy at> [2002-06-18 20:25 +0200]:
> > Hallo,
> > Is there any good solution to cache the results of SQL queries?
> Your database has one. It should save at least the query execution plan.
> > I found the great cache manager in dmtools
(, but I wonder
> > if there is any alternative. I will start with MySQL database, but it
> > be great to be able to plug it into other RDBMS's. I am interested in
both -
> > file and memory caching. I also know ZSQL Method in Zope.
> I'm sceptical. How does this help? How does the cache manager get
> notified of changes in the database? How is it different from just
> storing the queries I'm interested in away on disk if they deliver large
> resultsets?

Probably not much. :) But dmtools give the out-of-the-box solution. It takes
the function (sql query execution in that case), arguments (query) and
checks given dependency files, which in case of MySQL are table files. It
deals perfectly with my needs and I wondered if there was any other option.

Pawel Lewicki

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