IDE recommendations??

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sat Jun 15 16:52:59 EDT 2002

    Detlev> I have googled this list for IDE recommendations, but have found
    Detlev> none that satisfied me.

Two suggestions.  One, check the editors page on the Python website:

Two, I guess you should take a look at PyUnitTestBrowser.  The announcement
yesterday said

    This build bonds with PyChecker. That means you can click on a file, get
    a list of warnings, click on a warning, and your editor will pop up with
    the file open and the cursor on the line with the warning.



    That means PUB now tests your code with PyUnit, lints your code with 
    PyChecker, and edits your code with PyShell. 

    It's an IDE in a deceptively small package.

Skip Montanaro
skip at

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