IDE recommendations??

Gerhard Häring gerhard at
Sat Jun 15 15:24:30 EDT 2002

* Kragen Sitaker <kragen at> [2002-06-15 15:05 -0400]:
> Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> writes:
> > I've tried to use most IDE's out there -- from Pythonwin to Pythonworks. 
> > None was really comfortable, except for Wing IDE, which is really powerful. 
> > It doesn't include integration of a GUI designer, though, which makes it 
> > little more than a glorified editor/debugger (but _very_ glorified). At one
> > point there was a version of KDevelop that supported Python development, but
> > that has disappeared, it seems.
> > 
> > I use bash & XEmacs & Designer nowadays, and that gives me a fair 
> > productivity.
> I'd like to improve XEmacs to be a better Python IDE.

Does it have an integrated user-friendly debugger (not gdb/pdb-like),
something like right-click on a line and set a breakpoint?

If that GUD thing is only a crude interface like gdb/pdb, then no
thanks, I don't need it.

Otherwise, it would be really useful to have a web page that described
how to use it for Python development. Would be a nice addition to's Emacs page.

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