Using tcl/tk with Python 2.2 on XP

Edward K. Ream edream at
Mon Jun 3 13:57:28 CEST 2002

Hi all,

This may be something trivial, but the answer doesn't seem to jump out
at me from the FAQ or the Tkinter page at:

I would like to use tcl/tk with Python/tkinter 2.2 on Windows
XP. Apparently the Python 2.2 distribution uses tcl/tk 8.3.2.  Is there
some way to use tcl/tk with the binary Python 2.2 distribution
on XP?  The thoughts I have:

1.  set an environment variable somewhere or
2.  just move the dll's into the Python22/tcl folder.

Neither seems likely to work well, as there may be problems with header
compatibility, and there are more dll's than dll's in

I hope the next version of Python will come with tcl/tk 8.3.4 or higher
right out of the box.  This will allow us to use wm_iconbitmap(bitmap)
to set (at last!) the default icon for tk frames.

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