Interfacing to 1-Wire LAN, especially Dallas temperature sensors?

Dave Moor python at
Thu Jun 6 07:56:02 EDT 2002


I have just started producing a PyOneWire module it currently can
search the one wire network for families of devices and read the
temperatures from DS1820 devices.  What platform are you wanting to
run it on, I could send you a prerelease versiob to try.

Dave Moor

Christian Aastorp <christian.aastorp.killspam at> wrote in message news:<a7iefuk650noamrqcmpvroqj60mtgbpf9v at>...
> I'm considering doing some temperature control and logging, both
> enviromental and inside computers. Did a google search, and found
> references to the range of temperature sensors from Dallas
> Semiconductors. 
> I also found schematics for interfacing with the serial port, and
> timing diagrams for implementing 1-Wire Lan using direct control of
> the port.
> As I'm using  Python for my programming, these days, I would like some
> pointers to modules or techniques to use Python to read the
> temperature sensors.
> Christian Aastorp

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