sys.exc_info() into string

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Sun Jun 23 15:17:39 EDT 2002

Magnus < at void.bogus> wrote in
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> in my program I am catching exceptions that I might have missed by
> using something like:
> try:
>         doMyStuff()
> except:
>         type = sys.exc_info()[0]
>         syslog.syslog(syslog.LOG_EMERG, "My program: unexpected error"
>         + type) 
> The thing is that I can not figure out how to make "type" into a
> string above so I can use it for e.g. syslog(). Is there an easy way
> of doing this?

yes, the traceback module has functions to format an exception as string or 
to print.

format_exc is a candidate for you. it return a list of lines from which you 
can select to mosr informative or just join it the one big string.


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