how to remove HTML attributes from web pages ( HTML parseing)

Matthias Huening mhuening at
Wed Jun 26 13:14:10 EDT 2002

sanjay2kind at (sanjay) wrote in 
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> Hi,
>  New to python and doing one application. i would like to  web page
> content after removing specific html tag, attribute etc. 

Below you find some sample code that uses htmllib.
Hope this helps. 
- Matthias


import htmllib, formatter, StringIO, urllib

class HTMLStripper(htmllib.HTMLParser):
    def __init__(self):
        self.bodytext = StringIO.StringIO()
        writer = formatter.DumbWriter(self.bodytext)

    def anchor_end(self):
        if self.anchor:
            self.anchor = None

    def gettext(self):
        return self.bodytext.getvalue()

f = urllib.urlopen('').read()       
st = HTMLStripper()
print st.gettext()
print st.anchorlist


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