Creating Dynamic Web Pages (ZOPE)

Hugh Cowan hwcowan at
Fri Jun 7 10:43:12 EDT 2002

Thanks Michael for the reply and information.  It's good to know that
I am not "barking" up the wrong tree.  Now that I know I am headed in
the right direction I will do more reading and research and check-out
their web-site.  I just didn't want to spend a lot of time up front
just to find out in the end that it wouldn't work for me.


Michael Gilfix <mgilfix at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1023424390.6172.python-list at>...
> Hiya!
> On Thu, Jun 06 @ 21:16, Hugh Cowan wrote:
> > I don't know if ZOPE would fit my situation or not.  I know that it is
> > / can be used to create complex E-commerce sites, but I am wondering
> > if it is overkill for what I need done.  Would I be better off trying
> > to find some sort of RAD Web Tool instead (anyone have any good
> > suggestions) ?
>   I think Zope is definitely the way to go as it is designed to
> address exactly what you need and easily. Zope allows you to add
> 'drop-in' components to your web service (such as an SQL query,
> or called a 'ZSQL query' in Zope-speak), which tends to be a big
> time saver, and then reference that query to dynamically produce a
> webpage. More so, it allows for easy remote management with delegation
> of roles and authority to multiple parties; seems like a good way to
> structure your intranet.
>                      -- Mike

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