[wxPython] How can I have a scrolled window on a notebook page, that autom. fills the whole pane?

F. GEIGER fgeiger at datec.at
Fri Jun 21 21:51:35 CEST 2002

Hi everyone,

I'm currently writing an app, that has a Notebook front end. The 1st page
(there's yet only one) should contain a wxScrolledWindow, which in turn
should contain a VirtualListCtrl.

In an earlier app I had text controls on the notebook pages, which
automatically could adapt their size to the notebook page automatically,
which in turn could adapt its size to the main frame.

Now I wanted this for my scrolled window, but no chance.

I tried to add a wxScrolledWindow to the wxNotebook, but the list control on
it was so tiny, you even could not see the column headers.

I tried to add a wxPanel to the wxNotebook. The wxPanel in turn contained
the wxScrolledWindow, which in turn contained the list control. Same result.

So I ended up with setting the size for the list control explicitly. Now I
see the list control's contents, but no scroll bars, no auto sizing.

Any hint, what I'm missing?


P.S.: To have the controls auto size themselves I tried size=wxDefaultSize,
size=(-1, -1), style=wxMAXIMIZE_BOX.

ASPython 2.1.3, wxPython

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