Medium to Large Scale Python Deployments

Simon Brunning SBrunning at
Fri Jun 7 11:52:53 EDT 2002

> From:	Domenic R. Merenda [SMTP:dom at edgereport.put_a_c_o_m_here]
>    Sure, Pedro.  The database server is homegrown C and RPG II code
> running
> on the AS/400 for the majority of our "archived" data.  The live database
> is
> mySQL on a PC.  User interface is PC/400 by IBM, and communcation is
> handled
> over IPX through twisted pair cabling.  Kludgy, but it works so far. :-)
> OS/400 is a wacky operating system.
Wacky? Hmm, well, it's pretty different to anything else that I've come
across. Coming from an OS/400 background, Windows and Unix look like
slightly different flavours of the same thing to me. (What do you mean a
program is a file? In OS/400, a file is a file and a program is a program,
dammit, not the same thing at all.)

RPG II? Now that *is* wacky! No structured op-codes at all - you had to do
everything with IFs and GOTOs. Yuck. I hope that anything new is done in
RPGIII at least! (We use RPGIV exclusively for new stuff - the free
formatting rocks. Well, compared to fixed formatting, that is - I still hate
semi-colons and braces everywhere.)

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