calling wxPython from the shell

Angel Asencio asencio at
Wed Jun 19 02:59:17 CEST 2002


  I have been requested to write a function that will take a list, open
a selection window, and then when the window is closed the function
would return a list with the selected items.

  Looks like wxPython is quite favored, and I decided to use the Boa
Constructor, finished the tutorial. Everything fine and dandy, until I
wanted to create the function that you can call from the shell.

  The scenario that I have tried is for the function to call the MainApp
(that has the
MainLoop) with the Frame that will do the selection. I understand about
the events, but what ever I do with the event, 'myModule.myFunction( [
"a","collection","to","select"])' return nothing on the combinations I
have tried.

  Bottom line is that I want a function call that I can call in the
shell, like as part of a  print, that I do the selection, and when I
press ok on the window, the window closes and the print completes.

  Thanks to any pointer,

-Angel Asencio
The MITRE corp.
asencio at

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