python version?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 19 08:30:00 EDT 2002

George Hester wrote:
> Yes my take on it was that you said "I needed to crawl before I walk."  Please
> don't hold my inference against me.

That's precisely what I said.  Nothing derogatory about it, except
in your own mind.  We /all/ need to crawl before we walk, in all
things, unless we're lucky.  I was just reminding you of this 
fact of life.

If I were attempting to learn limit calculus, and simultaneously
apply it to a difficult problem while using Maple, and I knew 
nothing about Maple and little about limit calculus, you would
be helping me if you said "crawl before you walk... just learn
the basics of limit calculus before you try to figure out how
to use Maple too".  I hope I would not be so sensitive as to 
take that the wrong way.


P.S.: I know little about limit calculus, and nothing about 
Maple, so please forgive the above example if it combines
the two infeasibly.... :)

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