M2Crypto: select() behaves weird on SSL sockets

Irmen de Jong irmen at NOSPAMREMOVETHISxs4all.nl
Mon Jun 10 14:16:13 EDT 2002

I'm using m2crypto 0.07 snapshot 3 with Python 2.2.1
and I'm experiencing weird behavior when using select().

Basically, it seems that a SSL socket is no longer in ready
state when entering select() again, after reading *a part*
of the available data on the socket.

Using plain sockets, the select() will keep reporting that
the socket is ready for reading, until all data has been read.
With SSL sockets, the second select() blocks eternally...

Any clue? I really need the regular select() behavior,
also on SSL sockets...

Irmen de Jong

(test code available on request.)

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