?Tcl's embedded virtual filesystem and Scripted documents

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Tue Jun 4 09:55:20 EDT 2002

Norman Shelley wrote:

> Tcl now has an embedded virtual filesystem that looks very useful.
> http://mini.net/tcl/2138.html
> Is there any motivation in the Python camp to have something similiar?

There seems to be some interest (it has come up before), but
this would be much harder to pull off in Python than it is 
in Tcl. There are many places in the C code where a c runtime 
FILE* is required.
> Also, a "scripted document" like methodology looks to be very useful
> also. http://www.equi4.com/jcw/scripdoc.html
> Any work going on in this arena?

I put together a crude one a few years ago (using Metakit and
tools from Installer). I've never seen any interest in this in
the Python world. But Tcl doesn't have anything as slick as
py2exe / Installer, so to a certain extent, it may be that 
scripted docs fill that role.

-- Gordon

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