[Application] Porn Toolkit/0.2.0

Christopher Encapera ChrisE at lantech.com
Fri Jun 28 09:28:57 EDT 2002

Gezz, and I thought I wrote a script for everything...Maybe we could all
chip in & get this guy a mail order bride - or perhaps someone could
recommend a nice community organization in his area where he could meet
others with (hopefully) slightly different hobbies ;)

Christopher Encapera
Network Administrator

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From: Iggeres Bet [mailto:iggeres at yahoo.es]
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Subject: [Application] Porn Toolkit/0.2.0

                           Porn Toolkit/0.2.0                           

A script to download porn.

Porn Toolkit is a python script to download porn from Internet. It's
oriented to the lazy Internet navigator confused with million of banners
that points to nowhere.

Any idea to improve this software is welcomed.

       URL:  http://porntoolkit.sourceforge.net
  Download:  http://porntoolkit.sourceforge.net/porntoolkit-0.2.0.tar.gz

   License:  GPL

  Categories:  Net Applications

Iggeres Bet (iggeres at yahoo.es)

<a href="http://porntoolkit.sourceforge.net">Porn Toolkit/0.2.0</a> -- A
script to download porn.


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