python install through fink, mac os x

Justin Sheehy justin at
Sat Jun 15 23:13:18 CEST 2002

xah at (Xah Lee) writes:

> Python installation through fink failed with the following message.

> can anyone help?

I don't know much about fink, but a quick scan of the output made it
obvious that the problem was with the download of BerkeleyDB, not a
problem with installing Python itself.



> [xah at localhost ~][Fri Jun 14,23:48:52]
> fink install python
> sudo /sw/bin/fink install python
> Password:
> Reading package info...
> Information about 435 packages read in 5 seconds.
> The following 9 additional packages will be installed:
>  db3 db3-shlibs expat gdbm gdbm-shlibs gmp gmp-shlibs manconf tcltk
> Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
> curl -f -L -s -S -O
> curl: (22) The requested file was not found
> ### curl failed, exit code 22
> Downloading the file "db-3.3.11.tar.gz" failed.
> (1)  Give up
> (2)  Retry
> How do you want to proceed? [2]

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