autocoder redux (was Re: Reminder of a python Project.)

Timothy Rue threeseas at
Wed Jun 26 09:33:49 EDT 2002

On 26-Jun-02 02:27:12 David LeBlanc <whisper at> wrote:
>> Timothy Rue wrote:
>> >
>> > On 25-Jun-02 22:38:16 Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>> > >I'm afraid there is no longer any need for an autocoder.
>> >
>> > Geee, maybe you should tell that to NIST
>> No need.  They called me the other day and I let them know, but
>> it was too late to get it into the Computerworld article.
>> Seriously, there's really no issue with software development any
>> more.  The problems are solved.  I guess if you've invented the
>> world's first autocoder, it kinda sux to be you then, eh?
>> -Peter
>> --

>Yes, software development techniques have gotten so good, they're now going
>to have Windows XP running atomic Reactors, Air Traffic Control and the
>Space Shuttle. I expect they where encouraged by US Navy tests of a warship
>being run on Windows NT where the ship (conventional fueled carrier) ended
>up laying dead in the water and tugs had to be summoned to bring her into
>port (source: Procedings of the United States Naval Institute). Gives "blue
>screen of death" a whole new meaning.

>Dave LeBlanc
>Seattle, WA USA

Well considering where you are from....

Guess that means the 60 billion is intentional huh?

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