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James T. Dennis jadestar at
Wed Jun 12 10:17:47 CEST 2002

Gerhard H?ring <gh_pythonlist at> wrote:

> * Yallowman <yallowman at> [2002-05-28 09:59 +0200]:
>> I need us mx library on RedHat 6.2. Where can i find this rpm ?

> In the dist/ directory. Don't believe me?

> Download the egenix-mx Extensions from Marc-André's homepage, unpack
> them, enter in the directory and issue:

> $ python build
> $ python bdist_rpm

> You could skip the rpm creation step and just install the mx-Extensions
> with:

> $ python install

> Using the RPM has the advantage of easier uninstalling.

> Gerhard

 It also has the considerable advantages of maintaining a database
 of installed packages, file "ownership" (associating files to their
 packages), permissions and meta-data (--setperms, etc) and MD5
 checksums.  It makes the packages files easy to identify, verify and
 manage.  (I'm particularly fond of rpm -qf /full/path/to/file
 command --- which I use with rpm -ql or -qld to find the associated
 documentation for many commands, config files, etc).  Actually I prefer
 Debian apt to that; and the dpkg -S command to find the "source" of a 
 given file.  Also Debian's apt-get build-dep && apt-get -b source ROCKS!
 --- you can find, fetch, and install al of the requisite packages
 that you need to find, fetch and BUILD a package from source with
 just one command!  That's great for programming students, tech support
 (sometimes the answers can't only be found in the sources) and 
 open source consultants. [I'm in all three categories].

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