Python and Eclipse

Paolo Invernizzi paoloinvernizzi at
Wed Jun 26 03:19:58 EDT 2002

Joseph A Knapka wrote:

> I think the latter is the best way. It's not clear, though,
> that these are the only two roads. But in any case, we must
> IMO be able to debug code under any Python version, preferably
> selectable among a number of different installed versions
> on the same machine (Eclipse allows this with the JVM, so
> I don't see why it would be a problem for Python). That
> way we could support CPython and Jython equally well.

This night I remembered another tip... pyro, ,a distributed framework, has 
jython/cpython client and cpython server.
I think this is an attractive choice. The first step can be implement a 
native support for jython, endebbing a jython interpreter in the plugin, 
and then use it as a bridge for external cpython server via pyro...
But I remember that when I tried to compile/manage the jython code via 
eclipse, I bounced against ANT wierdness (I haven't used ant at all in 
my previous java works...)

Paolo Invernizzi

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