why not "'in' in 'in'"?

Daniel Fackrell dfackrell at DELETETHIS.linuxmail.org
Fri Jun 14 22:03:14 CEST 2002

I'll try to figure out how to make this change next week sometime.  I've
been looking for a challenge where I'll be able to accomplish something
useful anyway, and this looks like one where I'll learn a lot without
spending too much time.

If I get stuck on the way, I'll be sure to ask for help here.

Tim, your post begs a question about bets, bots, and currency.  <wink>

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> In article <mailman.1024019967.16051.python-list at python.org>, Tim says...
> >
> >[Grant Griffin]
> >> One of the things I like about Python is that it works as expected.
> >> However, I sometimes accidently expect it to allow one to use "in"
> >> to determine if one string is "in" another, e.g.:
> >>
> >> >>> 'in' in 'in'
> >>
> >> which yields a traceback:
> ...
> >So if somebody wants this change enough to submit a patch (code, doc, +
> >suite changes), it's likely to be accepted for 2.3.  As code changes go,
> >this one should be particularly easy.  We have an internal bet going as
> >whether this invitation is enough to kill the idea <wink>.
> Thanks for the info, Tim.  I'm not in a position to do this work myself,
so if
> somebody else wants to do it, I don't mind.  (Besides, I was just asking a
> _question_ <wink>.)
> But until this change magically appears, just knowing that there is no
> philosophical reason why something as intuitive and practical as this must
> excluded from Python restores my faith.
> faithful-ly y'rs,
> =g2
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