procmail replacement in Python

David LeBlanc whisper at
Thu Jun 20 03:42:26 CEST 2002

Did you have a look at Animail on SF? Various distribution schemes including
forwarding to another mta. Has both allow and deny lists. Uses regex.

A least one of the bundled 3rd party modules (timeoutsocket) is way out of
date, but the software had a recent release-candidate distro.

David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> Subject: procmail replacement in Python
> Does such a thing exist? I've recently looked into the procmail sources
> and run away screaming. I'd very much prefer a Python replacement to
> such badly written C code.
> Does anything exist that I can start from? I've even contemplated not
> inventing yet another filter language, but just using plain Python
> functions.
> If I do this, I'd like to replace fetchmail with getmail as well.
> What would you suggest as approach?
> - writing it as a getmail plug-in
> - writing it as a standalone program to deliver to mailboxes a la
>   procmail
> - let getmail deliver to a temporary folder, then using my procmail
>   replacement to filter into the right folders, delete spam, etc.
> The third one looks to be the least likely to lose mail, but the
> temporary folder approach looks like a kludge.
> Gerhard
> PS: I've seen something _very_ limited written in Python on Sourceforge
> that only does Maildir, but the name is escaping me.
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