Snort alert tail...

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Sun Jun 16 13:20:54 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-06-16 at 05:51, Jan-Eric wrote:
> HEllo !
> I'm trying to write a dynamic firewall script in python that scans the Snort 
> alert file like 'tail -f' and takes action based on the infomation it gets 
> from that file. But I can't get the 'tail' function to work.It reads the 
> file, but any new information that Snort is writing to the file doesn't 
> show up to the script.
> ex.
> file = open('/var/log/snort', 'r')
> while 1:
>         file =
>         print file
> ....

import os, stat
import time

def snort(pathname):
    size = os.stat(pathname)[stat.ST_SIZE]
    while 1:
        lastsize = size
        size = os.stat(pathname)[stat.ST_SIZE]
        if size > lastsize: # there's new data
            f = open(pathname, 'r')
            print f.readlines()


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