Is the weakref.ref callback is called deterministically?

Duncan Booth duncan at
Thu Jun 13 11:19:11 EDT 2002

janeaustine50 at (Jane Austine) wrote in 
news:ba1e306f.0206130451.795085d6 at

> Even though the index i does not change, it loops till the
> result is not None. Seemingly it depends on the weakref.ref
> callback to remove dead weakrefs.
> However, the while loop wouldn't be needed if the callback
> was called right after the last reference to the object
> was "del"ed.
Have you considered what would happen in a multithreaded program if the 
weak reference became invalid after it was retrieved from the dictionary or 
list, but before it was converted to a strong reference? There may be other 
reasons, but you need loops here to avoid the race condition.

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