Windows versions of Python---pros and cons?

David LeBlanc whisper at
Fri Jun 21 18:44:42 EDT 2002

> Mark Hammond wrote:
> > Add the .py extension to your PATHEXT environment variable, and you can
> > execute "" at the command prompt.  Like much of Windows, this is
> > based on the extension rather than file attributes.

Even cooler, you no longer need the .py extension (if you're on Win2000 at
least) and if you're in the same directory as the script you're trying to
execute. I'm not sure that even with a .py extension that it will do a path

> Which is really annoying, kind of  like the Macintosh file creator
> concept: I sometimes want the file to be edited, and sometime run...
> Anyway, it looks like my best bet is to re-associate *.py with the
> python interpreter, rather than pythonwin. I rarely have a use for
> opening pythonwin from the command line, and in the GUI, I can use
> openwith from the right button menu if I want to open a *.py file
> in pythonwin.
> Now I have to figure out how to change my PATHEXT environment variable,
> which is pretty OT for this group...

It's in your environment settings right under "path" :-)

> -Chris

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